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Your nicest picture is the one you haven’t had taken yet. I like to think that beauty is what moves us, what makes us run, feel. And, more importantly, that beauty is in everything, if you look at them from the right perspective. I like to think that I am not the only one taking the picture, a portrait, your wedding shoots. Rather, that we, together, photographer and subject, build something to surprise us, to make us smile. What can we create together today?
A portrait. Yours. We get a portrait because we love us and those around us. I lie people. I believe that, among the wonders surrounding us, we are the most complex and fascinating. When I shoot a portrait, I get passionate about that complexity, that story which we all create and tell. My portraits are, in the end, a short story about you that we write together.In a studio, outside or in your home, every portrait is a slice of life which you won’t have to look at on the go.
Getting married, in love. A wedding is the result of many different passions. It is the day when life splits into a before and an after. As a photographer, it is a privilege to share with you the emotions, the small fears, the joys which get compressed and explode during that day. The nicest wedding are those in which groom and bride kiss withouth anyone asking. And photographers take picture without stealing time to all the rest. A fresh, reportage style, mixed with timeless shots: that’s how I would want your wedding to be.
Graphic(ally) You have a picture in mind for your catalogue and spent the last few weeks searching the internet for it? It does not exist yet? How about having a picture made for you? One you will never find in anyone else’s catalogue?
Landscape and buildings We are all the same. We all have landscapes sculpted inside us, which we’ll never forget: a sunny autumn sunset, a summer at the seaside. We would love to have them hanging on our walls, like old friends’ pictures. Or we would love to see our houses, our shops, businesses, photographed the way they deserve. Well, why not?

Everything intrigues me. I am curious by nature. If you have other ideas, beyond the above, and you want to turn them into images which will never leave you, perfect! Take me where I have never been. Make me do things I have never done. If, on the contrary, you want to have an idea of how much my standard services would cost you, have a look below:

  • studio portrait (1 hour session): starting from 50€
  • Wedding ceremony: starting from 850€

Amounts above are indicative only and should be adjusted on the basis of your needs, time constraints and printing options. If you want more information, drop me a line.

Carlo B. – Photographia is a photographer born in Florence, Italy. He lived outside the country for around 10 years, travelling in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East, until he decided it would be best to come back and take pictures. He now lives in Firenze, but did not lose the habit to work and travel everywhere.

Carlo B. – Photographia